Thursday, August 1, 2013

The King of Space

The King of Space
by Jonny Duddle
Templar (March 12, 2013)

This book is about a kid named Rex who wants to be the king of space. He lives on a small moon in the Gamma Quadrant, on his parents moog farm. At school everybody laughed at him for explaining his plan to be the king of space, The next day he brought his warbot to school and said he would make 1000 of them and conquer the universe. When he made them he crushed the resistance in the Western Spiral. Then he crowned himself king of space and the Galactic Alliance was annoyed. So he captured princess Kooki and the Galactic Alliance came to get her back. In the end he told his mom to tell them he was tired and didn’t want to play anymore.

I think the artwork is good. It was made on a computer. I like and recommend this book. J.J.

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