Monday, August 12, 2013

Brief Thief

Brief Thief
by Michael Escoffier
illustrated by Kris Di Giacomo
Enchanted Lion Books (April 2, 2013)
Review copy provided by the publisher

Leon the lizard has to poo. But.. there is no more toilet paper! DUN, DUN, DUN! Then Leon discovers some old briefs hanging on a tree. Why not use those underpants? But there are always consequences for using someone’s underpants to do your business, and Leon will learn them.

Review: This book was just hilarous, mostly it was the end. I would rate it a 4 out of 5 stars. Brief Thief is a short picture book, with very simple pictures. What I found interesting was this book was published in another country, France. So, this book was acutally first published in France, and then translated into English. Read this book if you just want to try something a bit different, or maybe just want to laugh. --SS

Summary: A little lizard is enjoying his day, when suddenly, he has to poo. So he goes and uses the bathroom, but oh no! no toilet paper! Then, the lizard finds a pair of underwear, but they’re full of holes. The lizard uses them, throws them away, and walks off. BUT WAIT. His conscience starts talking to him and tells him to clean them. The ending will surprise you, but it’s really funny!!

What I liked best: This book was really funny, and I LOVED the ending. I would recommend this to younger kids. ages maybe 5 and younger? It was a great read, and I'm sure many others will enjoy it.  --SA

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