Monday, April 1, 2013

The Laura Line

The Laura Line
by Crystal Allen
Balzer + Bray (April 23, 2013)
review ARC provided by Cover to Cover

This book is about a girl named Laura Dyson who unfortunately, has to spend a few nights with her grandma, who likes nothing that Laura likes. Laura likes baseball, and her grandma never cared for it. But the worst part Laura can think of is that there’s a “slave” shack and a cemetry right on their property! But Laura realizes that she named it wrong. The “slave shack” is a historical monument holding “The Laura Line," which is 9 generations of women, all named Laura, which is bound to continue on. In the shack, there’s things that each Laura owned. To the family, each one is priceless. But when the latest Laura, Laura Dyson, makes the biggest mistake she has ever made, she promises that she’ll do everything she can to fix it.

I would definintly recommend this book for people who like historical fiction. But even if you’re not a big fan, I don’t prefer historical fiction and I loved this book. --Joh

Kiki: My Stylish Life

Kiki: My Stylish Life 
by Kyla May
Scholastic Branches (April 30, 2013)
review ARC provided by Cover to Cover 

This book is about a girl named Kiki who is in a club named Lotus Lane Girls' Club. This book is her diary, and she talks about the main events during her days. It’s all going well until a new girl her age moves in next door. When Kiki has to choose her favorite art project she chooses fashion. The new girl next door is such a copycat! She picks fashion too. She also makes a Kimono just like Kiki’s!

You’ll have to red this book to learn how Kiki handles this. This book is recommended to people who are familiar with the Dear Dumb Diary series. This a great book mostly for girls. It is a good book for maybe third graders. --Soj

Magic Bone: Be Careful What You Sniff For

Magic Bone: Be Careful What You Sniff For 
by Nancy Krulik
illustrated by Sebastian Braun
Grosset & Dunlap (May 16, 2013)
review ARC provided by Cover to Cover

This book is about a dog named Sparky who lives with his owner, Josh. One day he finds a bone. It is no ordinary bone, because when he bites into it he hears booming noises, and it feels like he is spinning. When he stops spinning he finds himself on a sidewalk in front of a big white building. He askes another dog where he is. The dog says that he’s in London. One day he saw a man holding out a bone to him and he walks over and grabs the bone. Turns out that man was a dog catcher. He gets thrown in the pound. There he meets 3 mean bulldogs, and a small white dog. Sparky and the little white dog make a plan to get out of the pound and back to the bone to get back to Josh.

You have to read the book to find out if they make it back in time without getting caught. This book is a great book for readers that like animals, and just awesome new books. Soj


by Sage Blackwood
HarperCollins (January 8, 2013)
review ARC provided by Cover to Cover

Jinx was an awesome book! I love how much magic there is in it. Jinx is the perfect character to get you sucked into a book. This book reminds me of the the series that started with Magyk. Jinx and Simon are the perfect match when practicing magic. I also like how each witch and wizard has his/her own power source.

I think that I’d rate this in my top five books of all time!-f

Why You Shouldn't Eat Your Boogers

Why You Shouldn't Eat Your Boogers
by Francesca Gould
illustrated by J.P. Coovert
Putnam Juvenile; Reprint edition (March 21, 2013)
review ARC provided by Cover to Cover

I really like this book even though it’s mostly facts. The facts are really interesting and I’ve learned a lot about my body. My personal favorite is the one about Has Anyone Earned Money From Farting.

Even though some of these facts are gross, I have to rate this in my top ten.

The reason I liked this book is because the facts cover everything on your body, even inside your eye!

It even really does include why you shouldn’t eat your boogers. -f


Rump: The True Story of Rumpelstiltskin
by Lisl Shurtliff
Knopf Books for Young Readers (April 9, 2013)
review ARC provided by Cover to Cover

This book reminds me of the original Rumpelstiltskin but from an entirely different point of view! Every minute reading the book I was on the edge of my seat.

Reading this book really helps understand the original story because I didn’t understand the part in the original that was “I’ve come to take your baby."

I like hearing from Rump’s point of view because he’s just this scrawny kid until he learns that he can spin straw into gold! Again, this is in my top ten.

I also like his friend Red. She’s always looking out for him and helps him a lot in the book. -f

Jacob Wonderbar and the Interstellar Space Warp

Jacob Wonderbar and The Interstellar Time Warp 
by: Nathan Brandsford
illustrated by: C.S. Jennings
Dial (February 7, 2013)
review ARC provided by Cover to Cover

This book is about how Jacob Wonderbar and his friends travel through time to find his dad and to stop the Stangers from destroying the Astrals.

In the beginning Jacob sees his mom and she tells him to find his dad and then him and his friends start to time travel. Then the strangers try to destroy the astrals. In the end he and his friends stop the strangers and find Jacob’s dad.

The characters in this book are: Jacob, Sarah, Dexter, and Mick. These are good characters in this book.

This book is 3rd person. There is no “I” as in thoughts in this book. This book is told by a narrater.

This book has many times and places in this book. That is because of time travel.

I recommend this book to everyone. --Jab

Like Bug Juice on a Burger

Like Bug Juice on a Burger
by Julie Sternberg
illustrated by Matthew Cordell
Amulet Books, April 2, 1013
review ARC provided by Cover to Cover
The book Like Bug Juice On A Burger by Julie Sternberg is a great book. Mabye at the 3rd-4th grade readers reading level. This story has funny parts which a lot of people like. It is a sequel of one of my favorite books called Like Pickle Juice On A Cookie. This book is truly wonderful. The author is as good as the book its self!

In this book there is a girl who’s grandmother signs her up for a summer camp. At first she’s so excited for camp. Then, when she sees the big silver bus she feels a little nervous. When at camp she has one friend. They got to go see what swim class they’re in. She gets put in the Guppies class. 

This book will be a great 2013 book! You have to read the book to find out if she will like camp or not.  --Sj