Sunday, February 3, 2013

Strike Three You're Dead

Strike Three You’re Dead 
by Josh Berk
Knopf Books for Young Readers, on shelves March 12, 2013
review copy (ARC) provided by Cover to Cover Children's Books

It was about a boy named Lenny who wins a contest to announce a inning of a Philly’s game. But just before the pitcher, RJ Weathers, pitches, he stops, then drops dead right on the mound! Lenny and his friends, Mike and Other Mike conclude that this was no accident, because he seemed perfectly fine just before the game. Lenny, the Mikes, Maria (someone they meet at the library that is one of the librarian's niece) and Courtney (Lenny’s babysitter) go on a adventure to see who was really behind the death of RJ Weathers. I honestly thought this book was AMAZING! It left a cliff hanger at the end of almost every chapter and was loaded with suspense. --JA

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