Sunday, February 3, 2013

Athlete vs. Mathlete

Athlete vs. Mathlete
by W. C. Mack
Bloomsbury, on shelves February 6, 2013
review copy (ARC) provided by Cover to Cover Children's Books

This book is about two twins, one who plays basketball and one who is a “brainiac”. Russel, the nerd, and Owen, the other dude, are both recruited for the b-ball team. Russel swishes jump shots while Owen does layups. In this book, you will find out about how two brothers are seperated because of one’s emotions and one’s greatness. --Y

It was about a pair of twins who both tried out for basketball. One is all about it and was practicing every day, the other was a total nerd. He (Russell, the nerd) hated it, he didn’t want to join! The coach put him in the team though, which made Owen (the other twin) mad, but also jealous. Russell got a catch phrase, cool new shoes, and a lot more things which made Owen jealous. This book tells a lot about a twins’ life. It was pretty short, and each twin got a chapter from their perspective. I really liked it! --SA

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  1. I just bought a copy of this book at Cover to Cover. I remembered it from this review. Thanks for sharing your thoughts. I can't wait to read it or to give it to one of the 4th graders in my class:-)