Sunday, February 3, 2013

Kitty Corner: Guide to Kittens

Kitty Corner: Guide to Kittens
by Ellen Miles
Scholastic Paperbacks, April 1, 2013
review copy (ARC) provided by Cover to Cover Children's Books

The book was really good! I definitely recommend this book for people that have kittens or cats or people that are gonna get one, or maybe doing reserch on kittens too! I do not read the Kitty Corner series, but if you are familiar with the series it has bits or quotes from different books from the series. --N

This fabulous non-fiction book is about how to take care of your cat. It has some great tips on feeding and grooming and just making your cat happy! Some of this book is about taking care of a new cat that you probably just got and it shows you how to make your new kitty feel like your home is also their new home. There are sometimes small little stories on the side you can read that are relevant to what the rest of the page and it is sort of like an example that will help you understand. I recommend this book for great for cat lovers and people who are just getting their new family cat. And you might find something interesting that you have never heard of before! There are more books from the author Ellen Miles about cats too! --R

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