Monday, April 1, 2013

Jacob Wonderbar and the Interstellar Space Warp

Jacob Wonderbar and The Interstellar Time Warp 
by: Nathan Brandsford
illustrated by: C.S. Jennings
Dial (February 7, 2013)
review ARC provided by Cover to Cover

This book is about how Jacob Wonderbar and his friends travel through time to find his dad and to stop the Stangers from destroying the Astrals.

In the beginning Jacob sees his mom and she tells him to find his dad and then him and his friends start to time travel. Then the strangers try to destroy the astrals. In the end he and his friends stop the strangers and find Jacob’s dad.

The characters in this book are: Jacob, Sarah, Dexter, and Mick. These are good characters in this book.

This book is 3rd person. There is no “I” as in thoughts in this book. This book is told by a narrater.

This book has many times and places in this book. That is because of time travel.

I recommend this book to everyone. --Jab

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