Monday, July 22, 2013


by Bob Staake
Schwartz & Wade (April 9, 2013)
review copy from the public library

A blue bird.

A lonely boy.

A new friendship.

So I know that was a very, VERY short summary. I think that this book isn’t the kind to have a two page summery or anything, considering the book has absolutely no words...whatsoever.

Even though the book didn’t have any words, I enjoyed it very much. There was an effect on me when I read (or looked) at it. The book was actually very simple. The pictures weren’t drawn with too much detail, and I don’t remember if there were even any numbers on the pages.  

Still the book had power. I guess I just enjoyed the simplicity to it. This book deserves a 5 out 5. --SS


Here's a different take on this book:

There was a little boy walking home from school and he looked very sad and lonely. Then a blue bird started following him and it became his best friend. But when they came into the woods, a group of mean little boys made fun of the little boy. When the little boy and the blue bird tried to leave one of the boys threw a stick at them and it hit the poor little blue bird. Then the group of mean boys left so they would not get in trouble, leaving the other lonely little boy behind. He picked up his blue friend, and walked all alone in the forest. Then all the sudden, a small little red bird appeared. Then more colorful birds came and picked up the little boy and they flew him in the sky. The little boy let go of his blue bird, and the blue bird began to fly.

I love this book because it’s sad and happy at the same time. I think this book is good for kindergarten to first. But really, I think anybody can read this book. After all I read it and you can too! R.Y

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