Sunday, June 16, 2013

Hide And Seek

Hide and Seek
by Kate Messner
Scholastic Press (April 1, 2013)
ARC provided by Cover to Cover Children's Books

This book is about how Anna, Jose, and Henry meet again in Washington D.C to see the Sliver Jaguar Cup. Unfortunately, the parents noticed something weird about it and they realized it was fake. So they go to Costa Rica because they believe the cup is there. They leave the three kids in a friend-owned hotel and leave. Some important events happen like they visit Rainforest and so on forth and then in the middle they meet Alejandro and notice he is giving a illegal tours to see the Green Macaw birds that are almost gone. Then they sneak around and find nothing is weird about him and then they leave. Some time passes and then Jose got mad at Anna, Henry, and Sofia (the hotels owner's daughter) and he goes on his own and then he sees a man at the counter that looked exactly like Vincent Goosen the head of a gang who steals art. Jose thoughts became reality. He and Alejandro investigated and found many pieces of evidence that he knew who stole the Cup. Then some time passes with some details and then Mr. Loupe was once a part of the gang that steals art called Serpentine Prince and he stole the cup and hid it under his bed. With the help of his friends, Jose was able to catch Mr. Loupe and police arrested him but he didn’t catch Goosen and he disappeared. 

This is a really good book. This book is good for grades 4 to 7. --SR

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