Wednesday, March 6, 2013


by Patricia Reilly Giff
Wendy Lamb Books, January 8, 2013

About the book:

Jayna is very devastated when she find out her brother, Rob, has been called out to war. Before Rob leaves, he tells Jayna about a mysterious blue recipe book that might connect Jayna to her grandmother. She spends limited time with a lady that Rob has arranged Jayna stay with. But Jayna can not control how curious she is about the blue recipe book. She ends up in New York, with her bag and a turtle, plus a ghostly voice. Read about Jayna’s adventure in Gingersnap.


I was VERY excited when I started reading this book, because one of my favorite authors, Patricia Reilly Giff, had written this book. I knew that this book would hold an adventure inside it. Even though I finished this book in one day, I was very pleased with it. I mean if there’s ANY kind of a ghost in a story, I’m reading it. This book might be good for 3rd graders and possibly 4th graders. I would rate this book 4.5/5 stars. --SS

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